Dr. Kalpesh Malik

Dr. Kalpesh Malik is one of the fastest and fittest heart surgeons in India. He has done more than 13,000 surgeries in the last 24 years. He is also a certified fitness expert and nutritionist.

Professional Care

Dr. Kalpesh Malik makes sure his patients are well after the surgery.

Trusted Doctor

Has an experience of 13,000+ successful surgeries in the span of 23 years.

Emergency Treatment

Has the ability to treats the patient in any emergency case without panicking

24/7 Services

The doctor makes sure he is available any time whenever required for the patient.

Dedicated Surgeries


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector


Personally operated more than 13000+
cardiac surgeries till date.


Currently operates in topmost hospitals of
Mumbai, Vapi and Surat


Operated several surgeries with almost
100% success rate

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